RSF Electricity Use Dips Below 1989 Levels


We're pleased to report that despite increasing our open hours over the last few years, electricity use at the RSF has dipped to 17.2% below 1989/90 levels. How have we done it?  The biggest savings have come from our lighting project; throughout the RSF, existing light fixtures have been replaced with high efficiency, high output fluorescent lamps and transformers. This has been done in the field house, combatives room, weight rooms, blue gym, gold gym and the upstairs racquet courts.  All are equipped  with occupancy sensors so that lights automatically switch off when an area has been unoccupied for 20 minutes. 

The energy savings from this project are 252,000 kW-hours of electricity per year, for an estimated cost saving of $25,000. The total cost for the RSF Lighting Improvement Project is estimated to be $114,000, but 80% of that amount will be paid through a grant from PG&E. Thus, the RSF’s net cost is $23,000. So based on the energy savings, plus the PG&E grant, the project will pay for itself in less than one year.

We also shifted our 5 all-night custodians to day shifts. This improves the quality of life for our employees — who now get home earlier to their families — and also saves a ton of electricity. Now, all lights are out soon after we close, instead of burning all night long. This simple change saves nearly one month’s worth of electricity each year (about 10% of our total electricity use). 

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