Cal Rec Sports Photo History

Students. Athletes. For Life.

We’ve dusted and dug through boxes and old yearbooks to curate a photo history of Cal Rec Sports. While the Cal community has been participating in recreational sports since the late 1800’s, we’ve found photos dating back to the 1940’s – 2000’s and have created a photo history on the Cal Rec Sports Facebook and Flickr sites.


We Invite You To
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  • Enjoy, tag and share the vintage and retro photos with your family and friends.
  • Submit your own photos via email to be added to the archive.
  • Tell your story. What impact did Cal Rec Sports have on your life? Photos are worth a thousand words but we want you to tell your Rec Sports Story.  Those that submit stories will receive a Cal Rec Sports T-Shirt (while supplies last).


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For photo and story submissions contact our marketing department at: or submit to us on Facebook.