Trip FAQs

Outdoor adventure trips for new Cal students

What does O.A.T.S. stand for?
Does enrollment in this program replace participation in the UCB orientation program on campus?
How is this trip affiliated with UCB?
What if I am not 18 at the time of the trip?
What time do I arrive for the trip?
How do I get to the meeting spot without a car?
What if I’m late?
Who are your staff?
What should I bring?
Are there any prohibited items while on the trip?
Do I really need everything on the equipment list?
What if I don’t have all the equipment required?
How can I prepare physically for this trip?
What do I do with my personal items while on the trip?
What if I want to have my move-in stuff shipped ahead of time?
Are there any places I can stay on campus for a night before or after my trip?
What if I’m a vegetarian or have other dietary restrictions?
Do I need to bring any money?