Cal Adventure FAQs

Your questions about Cal Adventures answered

Is Cal Adventures just for UC Berkeley students?
What if my class/trip is cancelled?
Will my class/trip be cancelled if it’s raining?
Can children participate in adult classes and trips?
What is your Refund Policy?


Can I rent sailboats after finishing the basic class?
Can I rent boats if I haven’t taken Cal Adventures classes but know how to sail?
I can’t make all four sessions of the sailing class. Can I take private lessons instead?
How big are your boats?
I have some previous sailing experience, can I skip basic and just enroll in intermediate sailing?


Sea Kayaking
Can I rent kayaks after I finish my class?
Can I enroll a group of friends in a full moon paddle?
Can I get stuck upside down in a kayak?
Are there sharks in the Bay where we will be kayaking?
Will the kayak sink if I capsize?


Wilderness Medicine
Do you offer discounts for employees of non-profit organizations?
What is the difference between the 9-day and the 10-day courses?


Is there an advanced windsurfing class?