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We live to create brand experiences that engage and inspire Cal students. Our creativity, energy, and enthusiasm have no boundaries! We dream big and the ideas we develop and execute are even bigger.

No one knows how to actively and responsibly engage the Generation Y or the Cal student markets better. We’ve mastered the art of bringing brands to life on the UC Berkeley campus through highly integrated and fully customized experiential based marketing platforms.


The Recreational Sports Marketing Group was founded in 2003 on a belief that there was a better way for brands to actively and responsibly engage Cal students on the UC Berkeley campus. Our vision was to leverage the power of experiential marketing and social media to create the human connection that lasts a lifetime.

We introduced ourselves to the world with the debut of a large scale experiential marketing event called Caltopia. Fourteen years and 500+ partnerships later, Caltopia has become the largest college lifestyle event in the nation and we continue to create brand experiences that inspire, connect and transform the Cal community.

Contact us at if you would like to help us transform the Cal community!

Economic Influencers – Cal students contribute $395 million annually into the Bay Area economy of which $282 million are spent in the city of Berkeley.

The Cal Community – Cal students are a highly-motivated, multi-cultural and loyal group. Over 170,000 Cal Alumni live in the Bay Area.

Generation Y: The Millennial Generation – Cal students born after 1980 are part of a highly-sociable, influential, and achievement-oriented group of consumers. They’re 40 million strong and expected to earn upwards of $3 trillion by 2017.

Sources: UC Berkeley Economic Impact Study, UCB Student Research Center’s Student Housing and Transportation Survey and Marketwire.

The University Partnership Program (UPP) builds meaningful, university-wide relationships with business partners by collaborating across units to create partnership opportunities that align with Berkeley’s values and mission of teaching, research and public service.

UPP’s collaborative, coordinated approach provides the infrastructure to develop comprehensive, university-wide relationships with business partners through our three guiding principles:

1. Brand Alignment
2. Campus Services
3. University Impact

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