New Energy-Saving Pool Pumps


As part of our efforts to continually improve sustainable practices, Cal Rec Sports has installed energy-saving “smart pump control systems” (SPCS) at the Strawberry Canyon and Golden Bear Pools. The pumps, which were installed last week, will reduce annual energy consumption of the pumping system by 48% at Golden Bear Pool and by 42% at Strawberry Canyon Pool.

The new pumps will save 21,751 kWh per year at Golden Bear and 48,445 kWh per year at Strawberry. To put this in perspective, according to PG&E’s Carbon Footprint Calculator, a typical residential home in California uses about 6,480 kWh of electricity per year. So the annual energy savings from these new smart pumps would be equal to the amount of energy needed to power roughly 11 homes for an entire year. And that’s not all; in terms of pollution avoidance, the energy saved by the new smart pumps is equivalent to not burning 1,895 gallons of gasoline per year!! Or, for the tree-hugger set, this pollution avoidance is about equal to 14,800 trees purifying the air for a year.

The benefits to the planet come hand-in-hand with long-term monetary savings to the university. The pumps will save the campus $7,469 each year, and will pay for themselves in about seven years.

To learn about other energy saving projects underway at Rec Sports, visit our “What We’re Doing Page.”

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