RSF Gets Low Flow Shower Heads


You just finished your workout and hit the RSF locker room showers for a quick rinse off. Notice anything different? We’re part way through the installation of 70 new low flow shower heads. Your showers are now using 1/3 less water, yet maintain the feel of a high water flow shower. In fact, our research indicates that these heads produce a much improved showering experience. Think gentle rain. Not only is this saving water, but also energy, as we need to warm up less water to soothe those achy post workout muscles.

We have heard members make comments like “These have a really nice spray,” and “no way can this be a low flow, it feels so strong.” Check it out after your next workout and let us know what you think.

  1. chrisf

    I support the low flow shower heads. However, the units in the men’s locker in RSF do not seem to mix the hot and cold streams uniformly – they create a pulsed hot/cold effect. I’m sure RSF can do better.

  2. David Martinez
    David Martinez05-12-2009

    Not all ultra low showerheads are created equal. UC Santa Cruz is installing ones made by High Sierra Showerheads. Good force with a wide spray.

  3. andy

    This is the best one ive tried so far

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