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Make a Difference in Berkeley on September 19 at Coastal Clean-up Day 
Here in California, we pride ourselves on our breathtaking coastline and beaches. Unfortunately, our beaches are very polluted and often are cluttered with trash and litter. Pointless pollution is harmful to the coastal ecosystem and to public health. Here's why:

  • contaminates drinking water and waterways,
  • closes beaches and shellfish beds,
  • causes algal blooms which can lead to fish kills,
  • contaminates sediments in waterways,
  • adversely affects the life cycles of aquatic organisms,
  • can lead to public health risks and fish consumption advisories for humans, and
  • endangers wildlife through ingestion of and entanglement with litter.

According the the Natural Resources Defense Council, "in 2008, beach pollution prompted 20,341 closing and swimming advisory days at ocean, bay and Great Lakes beaches." Yuck!  In order to make the beaches and coastline in our community happy and healthier, we invite you to come help clean the scene in Berkeley. 

International Coast Clean-up is a one day world-wide event and will be held on September 19, 2009. 

There will be 8 sites this year in Berkeley and you can register through the Berkeley Marina Shorebird Nature Center
Out of town on the 19? Click here for volunteer opportunities across the state. 

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