Danielle Ancin


  • Yoga Certification (2007)


  • Dance and yoga teacher, fifteen years
  • Knowledge of Restorative Yoga, Trauma Sensitive Yoga, Yoga for Youth, and Pre-Post Natal Yoga
  • Experience teaching yoga to incarcerated and at-risk youth through the Niroga Institute
  • Worked to integrate yoga into humanitarian assistance and violence prevention programs in Columbia
  • Taught yoga to at-risk populations in Columbia, Brazil, and the US


Personal Philosophy

Danielle approaches teaching with humor and honesty. She tends toward the practical rather than the esoteric, weaving together Eastern and Western medicine, neuroscience, and philosophy in her instruction. As a dancer, she brings to class a joy of movement and intense appreciation of alignment and safety. Her classes focus on fostering mental clarity, strength, and healing. They are accessible to students of all levels and experiences, yet challenge all to a deep focus and presence.