What WorkFIT participants are saying

We asked our participants what they liked best about WorkFit.  Here’s what they had to say:

“I had no strength in my legs and couldn't even step up or balance with one leg, so I stayed in and didn't do anything,” she says. “Within two months, WorkFit improved my strength and gave me more confidence too.”
It’s perfect for me – right here in the building, during my lunch hour, very affordable and it's working (I feel much better)! I’ve been raving to friends and family about how great it is and I even make my husband get on the floor w/ me sometimes and do a few of my yoga stretches. Thank you again for getting the program started, it’s the best thing that has happened in this building since I’ve been here! 
Our instructor is amazing. She is an amazing yoga instructor and I feel that she really cares about our fitness levels. She is very encouraging and praises us when we do good things.
IT'S AWESOME!!! Please extend my thank you to the appropriate folks for bringing this to us and at such an affordable price. The workout was great, I am very sore, but in a good way. That just means it's working!
I really like that I can fit it into my work day -- lunch time is perfect. Otherwise, it's hard to find time during or outside of work hours. Also, I can really feel how regular exercise has made me stronger, healthier and happier. WorkFit has changed my life!
It's no hassle. It takes no travel time; it's inexpensive, efficient, fun, and effective at working muscles that I wouldn't ordinarily work on.
WorkFIT has been a way for me to connect with my co-workers and work toward a mutual goal: getting fit! I have seen an improvement in my overall strength, and have had others share their own personal successes with me.
Doing exercise with a group of my peers. We moan, groan, and complain together. And have fun.
Workfit was GREAT!!!!! and it IS a real work out.... I enjoyed it.
The Workfit program is terrific! First of all, in tough times when we’re not receiving any raises and may be furloughed, I appreciate the Chancellor subsidizing the cost of something as important for desk-bound staff as strength training and yoga. Secondly, the classes themselves are well taught and enjoyable, building healthier bodies and collegiality. And, thirdly, we don’t have to get wet this fall and winter to get to class!