How to Sign Up for Private Lessons

Private lessons for tennis, squash and swimming

Signing up for Private Lessons is easy. Just follow the three steps below.


Get the Paperwork

1You’ll need to fill out a Health History Questionnaire. This form must be filled out and then dropped off at the RSF Customer Service Center. You can pick up the form at the RSF, or download a PDF version via the link below. Please note: You may be required to complete a Medical Clearance form. If so, your account will be activated after you submit your Medical Clearance form to the Membership Desk.


Create Your MindBody Online Account

2Once you have submitted your paperwork, visit our MindBody Online purchasing and scheduling system to create your account. (Note: By default, your account will be a Non-RSF Member account. In order to change to a RSF member account, please visit or call the RSF Customer Service Center at 510.642.7796 after you have created your account.)


Purchase and Schedule Your Sessions

3Using our MindBody Online scheduling system, you can purchase and schedule your sessions at your convenience.