Delency Baker

Personal Trainer Bio


  • B.A. in Political Science, Westmont College


  • National Academy of Sports Medicine, Personal Trainer
  • BOSU Ball Master Trainer
  • American Red Cross Adult/Child/Infant CPR & AED Certified



Delency has participated in sports his entire life – football, basketball and baseball — and competed in intercollegiate baseball at Westmont College. Certified for Personal Training since 2008, Delency has trained a wide variety of clients, including those new to fitness as well as those interested in advanced sport-related training. Delency specializes in core strengthening, metabolic/weight loss training, interval-based programming and shoulder rehabilitation.



After suffering a career-ending labrum tear in his left shoulder, Delency searched for another avenue to combine his commitment to fitness with his love of working with others. He has most recently developed a passion for tennis, learned to play right-handed and now participates in a local tennis league. He is an avid music enthusiast, and enjoys cooking and running trails, especially Strawberry Canyon where he takes many of his clients.

Personal Philosophy

Delency believes personal training is both a technical challenge and an art form. Whether it’s crafting a fun, challenging workout, designing programs to address specific health issues, or optimizing his clients’ athletic skills, Delency focuses on creativity and diversification as the keys to lifelong, effective training. Even though physical activity is a critical part of personal health, he also recognizes the significance of a healthy, balanced diet, SMART goal setting/tracking and stress management, and he provides general guidance in these areas as well.