Anita Liboff

Personal Trainer Bio


  • B.A., Psychology, U.C. Santa Cruz
  • M.A., Transformative Arts, John F. Kennedy University


  • National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) – Certified Personal Trainer
  • Spin Instructor Orientation and Certification
  • CPR-AED Red Cross Certified



Anita is happy to work with clients at all levels of fitness and to assist them in meeting their goals. She will evaluate your current level of fitness and develop a fun and effective fitness program designed especially to meet your needs.

Having worked giving fitness assessments and VO2 max tests, Anita has a good understanding of how to use heart rate zones and periodized training to increase fitness and strength. She also works as a group cycling and exercise instructor.


Anita is an avid cyclist who enjoys riding long miles alone and with friends. She road her bicycle from SF to LA as part of the AIDS/Lifecycle4 in June 2005, helping to raise over $10,000.00 towards AIDS research and services. She practices yoga on a regular basis to help maintain flexibility and to stay in balance.

Besides her passion for biking and fitness, Anita is a mother of two who volunteers in local schools and pursues her own interests in art and education.

Personal Philosophy

Anita is a deep believer in the connection of good physical fitness and the maintenance of a positive self-esteem. Empowering the body enables a person to project strength and confidence in everything they undertake. By incorporating exercise and training into our daily routines it becomes part of our natural rhythm and is no longer a forced discipline but becomes a pleasurable part of a healthy existence. Anita believes taking control of personal health and fitness can be the beginning of positive changes in all areas of a person’s life.