Schedule & Purchase a Massage

The first step is to select a time/date for your first appointment. Then, follow the onscreen prompts and select the massage package you want to purchase.
NO MASSAGE AVAILABLE UNTIL AFTER NOVEMBER 9TH. The Wellness Center was damaged in the small laundry fire. Repairs are underway, but it could take up to a month to reopen. We are taking appointments for after Nov. 9th, but there is a possibility that these appointments will be held somewhere other than the Wellness Center.

If you have an appointment scheduled before Nov. 9, it will need to be rescheduled. Please check with our Customer Service Center: (510) 642-7796, or

To schedule and purchase a massage, make your selections from the drop down menus (selecting a therapist is optional), choose a date, and then click on the search button.

Want to buy a massage package? Read This.