Hearst Pool

Hearst Gym has three pools, one of which (the North Pool) is open for lap swimming. The two smaller pools (the East and West Pools) are open for instructional classes only.

To ensure the safety of our patrons, swimmers will now be required to circle swim at all of our lap pools.
  • North Pool: 4 Lanes, 33 1/3 yard length, 81-82 F temp.
  • East Pool: 2 Lanes, 20 yard length, 81-82 F temp.
  • West Pool: 2 Lanes, 20 yard length, 81-82 F temp.

Amenities include locker rooms, hot showers, day locks, swim suit spinners, kickboards, pool lift, wheelchair access, and towel service.


The Hearst pools are in Hearst Gym, which is located on the south side of campus on Bancroft Way at Bowditch Street, just across from the University Art Museum.

Swim Schedule
Access Requirements
Wheelchair Access
Day Passes to Hearst pool are available for $12, but must be purchased at the RSF at 2301 Bancroft Way.