Energy Efficient Lighting Installed in RSF Locker Rooms


Earlier this month we replaced 43 metal halide light fixtures with new extended-life fluorescent lamps and electronic ballasts in the RSF locker rooms. The project is expected to save 45,591 kWh per year and $4,559 per year in annual energy costs! That’s enough energy to power 4 American homes for a whole year.

The new fixtures, which replaced existing bulbs in both the men’s and women’s locker rooms, will last three times longer than the original fixtures. The result of this extended-life is a reduction, not only in energy expenditure and costs, but also in labor costs.

The total cost of the project was $21,000. Rec Sports received a $10,000 rebate from PG&E. Factoring in the rebate, the saving are expected to pay for the cost of the project in less than 2.5 years!

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