RSF Policies

General Building Policies

We value your membership and are committed to providing a safe and friendly environment for your fitness needs. The Department of Recreational Sports staff reserves the right to amend facility guidelines and has the final say in rule enforcement. Failure to comply with rules may result in temporary or permanent loss of membership and legal action.

Building policies and rules are applicable to all activity areas, offices, and public areas. Some areas have additional policies, listed below.

  • Cal Rec Club membership cards, UCB staff and student photo ID cards are non-transferable and must be shown for admittance into the facility. Violaters will be fined and subject to further disciplinary action.
  • Personal belongings are not permitted in activity areas.
  • No bicycles, mopeds, rollerskates/blades, umbrellas, skateboards or animals other than mobility guides for the disabled are not allowed within CRC facilities.
  • Children under 17 (sixteen during the summer) are not allowed in the RSF unless they are participating in Department sponsored programs.
  • Photography and videography is prohibited within CRC facilities.
  • Proper attire and footwear are required in activity spaces. Bare feet are prohibited except as specified by management.
  • Smoking is not permitted within any CRC facility at any time. Drinking and eating are permitted only in the RSF Pro Shop area.
  • All persons using the facilities are subject to the rules and regulations of the University of California and the Department of Recreational Sports. Violators will be removed and access revoked.


Cardio Equipment
  • There is a 30-minute time limit on all cardio equipment including set-up, cool down, and cleaning.
  • All equipment is available on a first come, first served basis except Treadmills and Precors.
  • All backpacks, bags, and personal items must be placed in a locker.
  • All beverages must be in a sports topped or re-sealable container.
  • Shirts or sport tops and closed-toe rubber soled shoes must be worn at all times.


Combatives Room
  • Only appropriate athletic footwear is allowed. Open-toe shoes and hiking boots are not permitted. Bare feet permitted for yoga class; walking barefoot to and from the locker rooms or the restrooms is prohibited.
  • Please re-stack mats after use.


Blue Gym, Gold Gym & Field House
  • Only non-marking athletic shoes are allowed. Check black soled athletic shoes to ensure that they are non-marking. Hard-soled shoes will damage the floor and are not permitted. For safety reasons, open-toe shoes (sandals) are also not permitted. Barefooted running or exercising and stretching without proper footwear is prohibited.
  • Throwing ball against the walls is not permitted.
  • Hanging from the basketball rims and slam dunking is not permitted.
  • Beverages of any kind (except water bottles) are not permitted in the Gyms or Field House.
  • Efforts to keep the limited space around the playing courts “clutter-free” are appreciated.
  • Spirited competition and hard-play are encouraged, but please refrain from using profanity and always show the same courtesy and respect for those around you that you would expect in return. Fighting and/or inappropriate behavior will lead to immediate removal from the building.
  • Recreational Sports Facility Supervisors and employees will be responsible for set-up and take-down of volleyball, badminton, table tennis, and basketball equipment. Only authorized personnel will be permitted to access the equipment.


Basketball Etiquette

When players are waiting, the following rules apply on all indoor basketball courts:

  • Games are played to 12 points, with each basket being worth 1 point.
  • Winning teams may remain on the courts until they lose.
  • Full-court games take precedence over half-court games; however, if a half-court game is in progress, full court games must wait for the current game to finish before taking the court. If the winning team of a half-court game does not wish to play full-court, they must leave the court.
  • The player on the sign-up board must choose teammates from the waiting pool of players. If there are not enough waiting players to form a team, players may be selected from the previous game.
  • Sign-ups must be made in person; players may not sign up others who are not at the court.
  • Players who sign up to secure court time must remain in the gym until their turn.
  • Team members currently playing on a court cannot be listed on the sign-up board.
  • Once selected to play, the player’s name must be removed from the board.
  • For all rec play, no dunking or hanging from the baskets.


Racquetball, Handball & Squash Courts
  • Eyeguards are recommended on all racquetball, squash, and handball courts.
  • All metal, aluminum, and wood racquetball racquets must have protective guards.
  • Black racquetballs, handballs, and squash balls are not permitted for use on the courts unless they are official non-marking balls.
  • Reservations should be made through the Guest Services Counter in the RSF locker room. Courts can be reserved up to one calendar day in advance.
  • These courts can only be reserved for handball, racquetball and squash. Drop-in use is OK for activities other than handball, racquetball or squash, as long as that activity does not damage the courts. For example, only non-marking shoes can be used on the courts. If our staff determines that the activity could damage the floors, you will be asked to stop or to move to another location. Lastly, priority for use of the courts will be given to handball, racquetball and squash players. This means that drop-in users who are doing something other than handball, racquetball or squash can be bumped by handball, racquetball or squash players, even if they don’t have a reservation.


Locker Rooms
  • Only eligible RSF users (CRC members, UCB students, Day Pass & Guest Pass users) are able to use the Rec Locker Room and GSC services.
  • Permanent locker assignments are available to registered UCB students with a paid student membership and CRC members with valid memberships.
  • CRC members can purchase basic box lockers, half-size and full size lockers at the Guest Services Center.
  • Students can reserve a locker at the GSC or renew online.
  • Student locker # and combo # will be issued at the GSC or the Rec Locker Room.


Martial Arts Room
  • Shoes are to be worn on the hardwood floor within the room; walking barefoot to and from the locker rooms or the restrooms is prohibited.
  • No shoes are allowed on the mats within the Martial Arts Room.


Weight Rooms/Fitness Areas
  • Please ask a Fit Staff member for assistance if you have any questions or need a spot.
  • There is a 30-minute limit on all cardio equipment when participants are waiting, unless stated otherwise.Sign-up is required for certain pieces of cardio equipment throughout the day. See signup table before beginning your work out.
  • Safe and proper use of equipment is required at all times.
  • The following exercises are prohibited: Olympics lifts (snatches, cleans, jerks or versions of these exercise) or any exercise where there is no control of the movement. Staff reserve the right to prohibit any exercise based on safety concerns. RDL’s and controlled push presses are permitted.
  • Please keep all dumbbell racks free from obstructions and stand away from mirrors.
  • All weight plates, dumbbells and other equipment should be returned to their proper location after use.
  • There is no dropping or slamming of weights or other equipment. Please ask a Fit Staff employee for a spot when necessary.
  • Exercise equipment must not be altered and must be used in accordance with its intended purpose.
  • Exercises performed while standing on exercise benches are not allowed.
  • Allow participants to “work-in” on equipment.
  • Be courteous to other participants and wipe down equipment after use.
  • Please restrict any floor work (stretching, abdominal exercises, etc.) to designated areas.
  • Collars must be used on all Olympic and curl bars at all times. The use of chalk is not allowed in the facility. Please use a spotter when necessary.
  • Backpacks, gym bags, basketballs and other personal items are not allowed in the weight rooms or atrium and must be stored in a locker.
  • The use of devices such as cameras, cell phones, PDAs, and other recording devices are not permitted within the activity spaces.
  • Food and glass containers are not allowed in the fitness areas. Only water in a re-sealable, plastic container is permitted within activity spaces.
  • Shirts or sport tops, and close-toed, rubber-soled, standard athletic shoes must be worn at all times. Street clothes (jeans, khakis, etc.) and street or casual shoes are not permitted in the weight rooms or on cardio equipment – only athletic gear may be worn in the fitness facilities.
  • All participants must enter and exit through designated doors.
  • Please keep all fire lanes and walkways clear from obstructions.
  • Verbal or physical abuse, to participants or staff, and physical abuse to property are not allowed. Aggressive behavior will result in immediate dismissal from the facility and can result in loss of membership privileges and legal action.
  • Only authorized Department of Recreational Sports personnel are allowed to personal train within the recreational facilities.
  • The Department of Recreational Sports staff reserves the right to amend facility guidelines and has the final say in rule enforcement. Failure to comply with any rules may result in temporary or permanent loss of membership and legal action.


Main Weight Room Radio Policy
  • A station must play for a minimum period of time (30 minutes) to avoid constant switching of channels.
  • The XM Satellite radio can only play authorized music stations.
  • Only authorized Recreational Sports personnel can change the radio stations.

The radio schedule and station choices are as follows:

6:00 AM – 2:00 PM:

  • Ch. 46 – Modern Rock Top Tracks
  • Ch. 41 – Classic Rock/Boneyard
  • Ch. 22 – Pop Music Mix

2:00 PM – 11:00 PM:

  • Ch. 67 – Urban/Hip-Hop
  • Ch. 46 – Modern Rock Top Tracks
  • Ch. 81 – Club/Dance Mix
  • Ch. 22 – Pop Music Mix