FITWELL Policies

Welcome to FITWELL! We are delighted that you chose us as a part of your commitment to health and fitness. Our skilled fitness professionals are ready to provide you with the necessary information and motivation to help you reach and maintain your personal health and fitness goals.

The following information will provide you with important program policies for Personal Training, Private Lessons, Massage and Instructional Classes. Before getting started, please read so that we can be sure that you have been provided with and understand this information.



Payment for sessions/classes must be made in advance of meeting with your trainer/therapist/instructor. Sessions/classes may be purchased in person at the RSF Customer Service Center or online.



All Personal Training sessions and Private Lessons have an EXPIRATION date of 3-months from the date of purchase. All Massage sessions have an EXPIRATION date of 6-months from the date of purchase. After the EXPIRATION date, any remaining sessions will be invalid. Sessions can be frozen for medical purposes only and require medical documentation. Frozen sessions will be held for one year after which time any remaining sessions will become invalid.



In order to cancel or reschedule an appointment, you must do so online, or contact our Customer Service Center or your trainer/therapist, at least 24 hours in advance of the scheduled appointment. Otherwise, you will be charged for that session. (NOTE: any exception to this policy will be made purely at the discretion of the trainer/therapist.) Similarly, if a trainer/therapist does not contact you at least 24 hours in advance to cancel or reschedule an appointment, you will receive a complimentary session.

Instructional Classes are subject to cancellations for low enrollment, for which you will receive a full refund.



All clients and trainers/therapists are encouraged to be prompt. If a client arrives late, this time will be deducted from the session; contrarily, if a trainer arrives late, the amount of time will be added for an extended session. Please be advised that trainers are required to wait 15 minutes for a scheduled client, after which time the session is subject to cancellation and clients will be charged for a full session.



A refund will be issued upon request based on the non-discounted current price of service. For Instructional classes, refunds are allowed prior to start date of any class. Refund requests after the start date will require a 20% processing fee. Transfers are allowed for different dates of the same class.

We recommend that our services will match your needs before committing through payment. If you find that your needs change once you have begun, please contact the program managers; we are eager to find a way to accommodate you within this program.