Code of Conduct

Cal Rec Policies

Staff and guests of the Recreational Sports Department are expected to behave with civility and appropriate conduct. When you agree to join the Cal Rec Club (CRC) or purchase a guest pass or are admitted by the use of a complimentary day pass, you indicate, by your registration, that you agree to cooperate with staff while utilizing the RSF and other department facilities.

No refunds will be given for loss of membership privileges due to breach of the Code of Conduct. All members and guests are encouraged to exercise good judgment in caring for the safety of others as well as themselves. In the event that you witness or experience threatening or inappropriate behavior by another individual, please report the situation immediately to facility staff. Standards of Conduct include, but are not limited to, the examples outlined below. The following types of conduct are specifically prohibited and may result in loss of membership:

1. Aggressive Behavior: The definition of aggressive behavior lies with the staff. Aggressive behavior is explicitly forbidden at the RSF and other department facilities and programs. You may not promote or engage in physical abuse, verbal abuse, threats, intimidation, harassment, coercion and/or other conduct, which threatens or endangers the health or safety of any person. You may not use “fighting words” to harass any employee or guest in connection with official University functions or University sponsored programs. If you engage in behavior that is considered aggressive, then your actions may result in temporary or permanent loss of privileges at all department facilities.

2. Forgery: Sharing identification cards for access into the RSF and other Rec Sports facilities is considered forgery. If you forge, alter, give unauthorized use or misuse any University document, record, key, electronic device, or identification, then your actions will result in a loss of privileges and/or a fine.

3. Control: Department employees are responsible for managing and maintaining the safety of our members and facilities. You agree to comply with the directions of department staff (aka University officials or other public official) acting in the performance of their duties. Failure to comply with staff requests, directions, or instructions will result in a loss of privileges.

4. Unauthorized Entry: You must have a valid membership for access to all rec facilities and programs. You may not enter unauthorized areas such as offices, gender opposite locker rooms, and maintenance workshops. Trespassers will lose privileges.

5. Disorderly Conduct: You may not engage in disorderly or lewd conduct including disorder associated with alcohol or controlled substances.

6. Photography and Video Taping: You are not allowed to photograph or videotape individuals or images in the facilities without prior Department and campus approval.

7. Unauthorized Commercial Activity: You are not allowed to post, advertise, instruct in private lessons, or solicit individuals in the facilities for personal services, businesses, or agencies.

The following actions are considered Criminal Activity and will result in immediate police action. Department staff will contact University police and request assistance addressing the immediate threat. Additional sanctions and restrictions will apply including loss of privileges.

8. Vandalism: Damage to or destruction of any property of the University or property of others while on University premises.

9. Assault: Rape, sexual assault, or sexual harassment. (See Appendix I, item 3 of the University Code of Student Conduct for the definition of “rape”, item 4 for the definition of “sexual assault”, and item 6 for the definition of “sexual harassment”.)

10. Theft: Removal of or conversion of University or property of others while on University premises.

11. Firearms: Use or possession of an explosive device, firearm, or other deadly weapon when on the premises.



Violation of any of the Standards of Conduct is grounds for disciplinary action. Any Recreational Sports employee may start disciplinary action against any patron/participant he/she deems to be in violation of the Standards of Conduct (including calling the UCPD) by:

  • Requesting a stop to the violation/offending action
  • Requesting a violator to leave the facility
  • Requesting assistance from a Recreational Sports Supervisor or authority, and/or calling the UCPD

The Recreational Sports employee will also file a written report with the Recreational Sports Supervisor/s for review. The Recreational Sports Supervisor/s will:

  • Read the written reports daily/weekly
  • Determine immediate action, or
  • Refer more serious complaints to the Recreational Sports Advisory Board or UCPD.

The Recreational Sports Advisory Board will:

  • Meet monthly (or as needed) to review the more serious complaints and determine appropriate action
  • Receive, hear, and rule on appeals on an ad hoc basis



Violators have the right to appeal disciplinary actions. A valid appeal must concern either a misapplication of one of the Standards of Conduct or misrepresentation of the policies and procedures outlined in the Recreational Sports handbook. Appeals must be written and received within 14 days of issuance of disciplinary action. Appeal letters must be addressed to the Director of Recreational Sports who will evaluate the appeal and determine appropriate action in consultation with the Recreational Sports Advisory Board on an ad hoc basis and within a reasonable time frame.