Code of Conduct

Cal Rec Policies

Staff and guests of the Recreational Sports Department are expected to behave with civility and appropriate conduct. When you agree to join the Cal Rec Club (CRC) or purchase a guest pass or are admitted by the use of a complimentary day pass, you indicate, by your registration, that you agree to cooperate with staff while utilizing the RSF and other department facilities.

No refunds will be given for loss of membership privileges due to breach of the Code of Conduct. All members and guests are encouraged to exercise good judgment in caring for the safety of others as well as themselves. In the event that you witness or experience threatening or inappropriate behavior by another individual, please report the situation immediately to facility staff. Standards of Conduct include, but are not limited to, the examples outlined below. The following types of conduct are specifically prohibited and may result in loss of membership:


Prohibited Behavior
Aggressive Behavior
Unauthorized Entry
Disorderly Conduct
Photography and Video
Unauthorized Commercial Activity


Criminal Activity

The following actions are considered Criminal Activity and will result in immediate police action. Department staff will contact University police and request assistance addressing the immediate threat. Additional sanctions and restrictions will apply including loss of privileges.



Discplinary Action
Written Report
Rec Sports Conduct Review Committee