Faculty & Staff

UC Berkeley Reciprocity

To support faculty & staff health throughout the UC system, a policy of reciprocity has been adopted by the UC Recreation Director’s Council. Beginning immediately, faculty and staff Cal Rec Club (CRC) members may use the recreational facilities when visiting other UC campuses. In June of 2005, the Council initiated a similar policy of reciprocity for UC students. Now this policy has been extended to UC faculty and staff members.

Throughout the UC system, campus recreational sport facilities and programs play a vital role in campus life. UC students, faculty and staff are increasingly committed to personal fitness, as demonstrated by the large number of campus community members who regularly workout to enhance and balance their lives.

As faculty and staff members travel around the state for meetings on other campuses, or over breaks and holidays, they often seek to continue their fitness routines, but until now there has been no standard policy permitting faculty and staff from one campus to use recreational sports facilities at the other campuses.


Using the Recreation Member Guest Pass

At any time of the year (including summers), faculty and staff CRC members will be admitted at no charge to any UC recreational sports facility system wide. To gain access, Faculty/Staff CRC members will need to present a Recreation Member Guest Pass and a valid UC Faculty or Staff ID card at the Rec Center they are visiting. The Guest Passes, which are good for one week at a time, are available at the CRC membership desk in the RSF lobby. The membership desk telephone number is 510.642.7796.



Please note that this agreement applies to faculty and staff that are traveling or visiting other UC schools on an occasional basis. It is not intended to be used as a dual-gym membership, or for regular visits. At specialty facilities, i.e. aquatic centers, equestrian centers, etc., visitors may participate by paying the standard campus faculty and staff rate. The reciprocity agreement does not extend to the Hastings School of Law. The reciprocity agreement does not extend to programs such as intramural sports, sport clubs or long term memberships.



Christina Galli, Communications & Outreach Coordinator
Email: cgalli@berkeley.edu
Telephone: 510.643.8034