Student Sign Up FAQs

Find answers to common sign up questions

Student Online Sign-Up FAQs


Q. When I click the ‘continue’ graphic on the second page, it just takes me back to the first page.
Q. What’s my CalNet ID?
Q. What’s a CalNet passphrase?
Q. I was able to login to CalNet, but now the screen says ‘Not eligible to sign up’?
Q. I checked with the Registrar’s Office on my eligibility, and they say I am eligible. Why can’t I sign up?
Q. My P.E. instructor told me to sign up and said I was eligible for a fee waiver. But the program is asking me to approve the $10 CARS charge?
Q. I signed up two weeks ago, but I was just told my membership had expired!
Q. Is this confirmation number necessary?
Q. When do I get my entry card? Is there a sticker I get?