Employment Opportunities with Intramural Sports

NOW HIRING REFEREES! We will teach you everything you need to know to be a great referee. Clinics begin on August 28. For more information about clinic dates, times, and locations, contact us at IM Sports.

No experience is necessary – we will teach you everything you need to know to be a competent referee. You will be responsible for officiating Intramural Sports contests. Ensure each Intramural Sports contest is delivered in a safe and enjoyable manner. Responsible for the enforcement of rules, policies, and procedures as outlined in the Intramural Sports Handbook. Responsible for the content of the Intramural Sports Staff Handbook.

Assist in preparing Intramural Sports sites for scheduled activities. Responsible for the cleanliness of equipment. Check in/out appropriate game-related equipment. Ensure participants observe Program rules and regulations regarding risk management, safety, sportsmanship, and policies and procedures. Discuss rules and clarify interpretations with participants prior to Intramural Sports contests.

Exercise tact, good manners, and courtesy even when situations may become emotional. Maintain a positive and patient attitude at all times. Attend all Intramural Sports All-Staff Meetings and appropriate training clinics.



Positions are open to UC Berkelely students only. Interested students need to attend training clinics at the beginning of each semester. Contact the Intramural Sports office for clinic dates and times: Certifications: New Officials hired must become CPR/AED/First Aid certified and trained in bloodborne pathogens by November 1 or April 1 of their hire semester to remain on staff. All continuing and returning Officials must keep CPR/First Aid certifications and blood borne pathogen training current to continue being scheduled.

CERTIFICATIONS: Only American Red Cross CPR/AED/First Aid certifications are accepted.

If you’re interested in working for IM Sports, you must be a registered Cal Student. In addition, to complete the hiring process, you must be in possession of certain documents (originals only – copies are not accepted) that prove you are authorized to work in the United States. Only originals of these documents are accepted. Copies of these documents are NOT accepted.

If you are not in possession of these documents or they are in the possession of a parent or guardian, please arrange to have the documents sent to you prior to applying for a job or attending a training clinic.

Job Type

Part time

Pay Rate

$13.53 per game

Work Hours

4-19.75 hrs/week

How to Apply
Training Dates & Details