Where to park when visiting us

Parking in Berkeley can be difficult.  Most university lots require university permits and are patrolled every day.  In the RSF parking garage, which is located directly beneath the RSF, the bulk of the spaces are reserved for campus permit holders (F & C permits).  There are also 27 Public Pay Parking spaces, which are available to Cal Rec Club members and to the general public.  These spaces are clearly marked as public spaces.  To park in these spaces, you will need to buy a parking dispensing machine ticket (DMT) from the pay machine, located in the center of the garage, and display it clearly on your dashboard.


Parking Alert

All Cal Football home games will impact parking at the Strawberry Canyon Rec Area parking lot. On the following dates Centennial Drive will be closed and the SCRA parking lot will not be accessible.

  • Saturday 9/6 vs. Sacramento State
  • Saturday 9/27 vs. Colorado
  • Saturday 10/11 vs. Washington
  • Saturday 11/22 vs. Stanford
  • Saturday 11/29 vs. BYU

The events listed below will impact parking at the RSF garage. On these dates, you should expect a full parking lot. We suggest you take public transportation, or walk or ride your bike if possible, on these dates.

  • Career Fair: Wednesday, April 16th thru Thursday, April 17th, all day in the Fieldhouse


UC Berkeley Parking

For more information about University parking, please visit the Department of Parking & Transportation website, or contact them via phone or email.